About Baja

Baja California is a multifaceted and vibrant state, its variety of natural attractions, beaches, desert, forests and valleys, make this one of the favorite states of travelers. During your visit you will enjoy adventure tourism, water activities, you will relax on the beach, you will delight yourself with its delicious gastronomy and of course you will discover the wine route, since 90% of the country’s wine is produced here.

This state is located in the northwest region of the country and its capital is Mexicali, which offers an important entertainment offer, cultural venues, it is also known as an important craft beer producing region. In Mexicali you can enjoy nature in the Guadalupe Canyon, among waterfalls, hot springs and cave paintings.

Another of the most popular destinations in the state is undoubtedly Tijuana, the most visited border city in the world, thanks to its cultural, gastronomic and artistic offer. The city stands out for its modernity and the fusion of cultures that occurs thanks to its proximity to the United States.

If what you want is to spend the day on the beach Rosarito is your ideal destination, its waves are conducive to surfing or if you prefer a more contemplative activity you can dive.
Its natural landscapes are so spectacular that they have been the protagonists of a large number of film productions.

Lovers of nature and outdoor activities will find an Eden in Ensenada, since the destination has a great variety of flora and fauna, as well as being home to protected areas such as the Biosphere of Guadalupe Island and the Valle de los Cirios.

Baja California is a state that is renewed every day and offers a large number of options to discover its wonderful territory.

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